We wish to extend our gratitude to the staff at Odd Fellows Home for the care and comfort provided to my sister during her residence here. We especially appreciate the attention shown to her my the nurses and social worker. It was a difficult time, which was made easier for us by everyone’s efforts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Family of Resident

Thank you to all the staff at The Odd Fellows Home. Everyone is very nice and made my stay very enjoyable.                                                                         Short-term Rehab Resident

Thank you all for your kindness while caring for my father. Dad had a long road with his illness and you all helped to make his time more comfortable and pleasant. He always spoke very highly of you all. I am truly grateful for your commitment to compassionate caring. It helped to know that my father was in good, loving hands. He will be greatly missed.                                                                                                                                                                              Daughter of our resident who passed on

The staff here in every department are just wonderful. They  give special, individual care to every resident. They remembered me from when my wife was here a year back and gave me a warm welcome. I was impressed and highly satisfied with the level of care and treatment that my wife received here, which was why I chose to come here for my rehab. The treatment that I received here was as good or perhaps even better than when my wife was here.  There are times when I needed assistance several times a day, the staff responded to my calls immediately and were always very gentle and professional. I would recommend Odd Fellows Home very highly. I’m happy to be going back home now after my rehab, with the only regret that I will be leaving all these wonderful people behind.
Short-term Rehab Resident

Our thanks and gratitude to all the staff at Odd Fellows Home for their kindness while caring for my sister.                                                                                 Sister of our resident who passed on

My mother was admitted in another nursing home after she suffered a stroke, there she was confined to mashed and pureed foods and was told that she could never eat solid foods again or be able to walk anymore. We were overall quite disappointed with the treatment that she received there, which was when my family decided to move her here to The Odd Fellows Home; that was the best decision we ever made. After merely a week at the Odd Fellows Home, she could start eating regular solid food again and only 3 months later,  she is able to not only walk, but she is also able to climb stairs now. She is now ready to get discharged from here and go home. She had excellent care and treatment here at the Odd Fellows Home,  she always tells me how much she is going to miss everyone here especially the rehab staff. Everyone has been extremely nice to her. The staff here are always polite, courteous and smiling.  Thanks to the Odd Fellows Home team for helping my mom heal. We will definitely recommend Odd Fellows Home to our friends and families.
Daughter of a Short-term rehab resident

Everyone is very nice at The Odd Fellows Home. They treat you with dignity and respect. All my needs were met and they treated me like they really cared about me. I followed the food plan which the dietician gave me, which helped me to get better sooner. The rehab was wonderful. The physical therapists take pride in what they do. Rehab is a slow process, but as I kept going, I began to see improvement. The therapists were very encouraging. I was afraid in the beginning, but now I know I can reach my goals. I enjoyed getting to know the patients here. I think it’s important to mingle. The Odd Fellows Home is a good place to come to for rehabilitation. You are well taken care of. I would recommend The Odd Fellows Home to everyone.
Short-term Rehab resident

Thank you does not adequately describe our appreciation for the kindness and outstanding care provided by all the staff for my mother. We have always been impressed by the staff’s compassion and professionalism over the years.                                                                                                                                                  Family of our resident

I’ve been treated like a prince since I came to The Odd Fellows Home. Everyone couldn’t be nicer. When I first got here, I was in bad shape. The therapy was marvelous. They gave me one-on-one rehab. You’ve heard of Charlie’s Angels? I called the physical therapists Artie’s Angels. The nursing staff was great. Everyone who works here is just a bunch of fantastic people. My room was cleaned every day. The food is great. There is no comparison between the other rehab center I was in to The Odd Fellows Home. I would go nowhere else but here. There is no doubt in my mind about making referrals to The Odd Fellows Home.
Short-term Rehab Resident

The care I’ve received at The Odd Fellows Home has been unbelievable. Everyone has been so kind and very respectful. They all know me. I’m going to miss them. The physical therapists really knew what they were doing. My room has been very comfortable and the food was good. I enjoyed the music programs, especially the Valentine’s Dance. I would definitely come back to The Odd Fellows Home.
Short- term Rehab Resident

I came to The Odd Fellows Home from another nursing home. The quality of care I received here was very good. The physical therapy was great – just wonderful! When I got here, I couldn’t move my right leg. Now I can walk using my walker. My room was very comfortable. The nursing staff took very good care of me.
Short-term Rehab resident

The Odd Fellows Home has been wonderful. Everyone has been very friendly and respectful. They have treated me like family. The therapy was very good. My room was comfortable and the building is kept very clean. I enjoyed the activities very much, especially the WII Bowling, Bingo, and the crafts. I would come back here if I needed rehab again, and I will recommend the Odd Fellows Home to all my friends and family.

The nurses’ aides have been excellent. They have come immediately any time I called them. The nurses are very good – very professional and attentive. This building is kept so clean. And I loved the activities, especially the wonderful musical entertainment. It made me very nostalgic, but I loved it. I would definitely recommend The Odd Fellows Home. If I ever needed to, I would come back.

The nursing care and physical therapy at The Odd Fellows Home has been very good. My room has been very comfortable. The food was very good, and I would recommend the Odd Fellows Home to anyone.

I was treated very well at The Odd Fellows Home during my one-week respite while my husband was in Poland. I was a little anxious before I came, but it was a good experience and no one was grouchy or impatient with me. Everyone came quickly when I needed help. I was surprised! The food was very good!

Lena had wonderful care The Odd Fellows Home. The staff gave her 100% great care! We would like to thank all of the nurses and nurses’ aides at the Odd Fellows Home for their kindness, care, and compassion over the past four years.
Resident’s Family

After a recent surgery I went to Odd Fellows Home for 18 days of rehabilitation. I was first impressed by the cleanliness of the facility and the daily activities that took place. Most important to me was the level of patient care. By the time I left to return home, it was apparent to me that the top management and staff were committed to maintaining a first class nursing and rehabilitation facility.

I can’t thank the staff at The Odd Fellows Home enough for the excellent care my husband, Kelly, received. Not only was he well care for but, they made sure he retained his dignity. The entire staff at the Odd Fellows Home showed compassion, understanding, and respect to Kelly and my family and provided comfort and peace of mind during the most difficult time.
Wife of  our Resident

My mother has been a resident at The Odd Fellows Home for over three years. The building is bright, clean, and odor-free. The staff is very concerned about my mother’s needs and has continued to giver her quality care. The activities staff provides a truly interactive program. She’s busy every day of the week. The feeling at The Odd Fellows Home is that of a residence, not an institution. And they really do care!
Resident’s Daughter