Post Operative Care

Surgery of any kind tends to provide dramatic challenges to the patient in their ongoing daily lives post-surgery. Significant challenges in basic daily functions, wound maintenance and ongoing treatment are just some of the challenges patients may face.

The function of post-surgical care is to provide for the medical care of people who are well enough to be out of a traditional hospital setting, but not necessarily well enough to return home (without intervention). In some cases, post-surgical care is temporary and continues only until the patient has recovered enough to be discharged, but in other cases, the need for care persists for a significant period of time post-surgery.

The Odd Fellows Home of Massachusetts provides additional high quality post-surgical care services including, but not limited to additional non-medical services including eating, bathing and dressing, as well as administration of medication and vital-sign monitoring. Often, post-surgical care can involve other rehabilitative services such as physical, occupation, speech and other associated therapies.

People who are best able to recover from their surgery (or surgeries) may temporarily need the custodial care as they get back the strength and balance to recover a measure of independence. For people who are, or may lose, their ability to function independently for a variety of reasons, custodial care may be a long term need, which The Odd Fellows Home of Massachusetts is able to provide. Even in cases where a person is bed-bound, ongoing supervision by our skilled team is necessary, to ensure proper care. Most insurance coverage, in these cases, follows Medicare guidelines.

As with any of the services The Odd Fellows Home of Massachusetts provides, dignity and compassion are core components of an effective treatment regimen. We understand that care is performed on living, vibrant individuals and will endeavor to maintain the human connection along with medical care to the best of our ability.

Our staff will work closely within widely established guidelines and your surgeon’s recommendations on treatment and post-operative care.