Wound Therapy

Elderly or bedrest patients frequently encounter the problem of chronic wounds. A chronic wound can be defined as a sore, blister, or other skin injury wound that has not healed after 30 days of treatment by a doctor. Characteristics of chronic wounds often include a loss of skin or underlying tissue and can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Chronic wounds are serious and need medical attention. The challenge with chronic wounds is that they do not heal with conventional treatment and can take months or years to heal, and unfortunately, some wounds never do. The goal of wound therapy is to allow the body’s natural resources to heal the wound, as the therapy withdraws foreign matter and prohibits external factors from interfering with the healing process

Wound therapy provides the medical care needed to treat chronic wounds. Various strategies are designed to aid in the healing of a wound. At Odd Fellows our qualified Wound Care specialists treat surgical wounds, pressure wounds, vascular ulcers and other forms of chronic wounds. Residents are provided alternative pressure and low air loss mattress if their condition requires it.

If you have questions about wound therapy or any other types of wound care, we invite you to call us any time. It would be our pleasure to answer your questions.