Wii-Hab: How a Video Game Can Help Rehabilitation

Video games are usually considered to be just for kids, and just for fun. But a new therapy known as ‘Wii-hab’ uses the Wii gaming system to help seniors remain active and improve hand-eye coordination. It is not a replacement for normal therapy, but it is a fun and effective way to add some variety to a program. The video below explains more about the ways that Wii-hab works!

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Only the Very Best for Your Loved Ones

Odd Fellows Home patient centered comprehensive care plans provide a broad range of skilled care and therapeutic services designed to promote independence, optimize mobility and enhance the quality of life for our residents. 24 hour skilled nursing, hospice, respite and secure unit affords residents excellent services with dignity and compassion. Our facility is agency free with clinical staff members who are direct employees of the home, a distinction that renders us unique in this region. This affords us the opportunity to assure consistency and quality of clinical care.

Our experienced therapists offer: short term rehabilitation and post surgical care, in house physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, wound care and IV therapy. Residents receive individualized attention in a safe environment with staff members who are dedicated to resident needs. Staff members collaborate to maximize functional capabilities for each resident through an interdisciplinary treatment approach.

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