State House Advocacy Day

On May 10th, the Committee on Senate Ways and Means (SWM) released its state fiscal year 2019 budget recommendation.  The Committee’s recommendation includes level funding for the current year’s $35.5 million direct care add on and restores the $7.5 million cut proposed by Governor Baker in his SFY 2019 budget recommendation.

Nursing Home User Fee Integrity Amendment #587 filed by Senator Michael Rodrigues, would require MassHealth to fully fund its share of the user fee.

Nursing Home Living Wage Amendment #531 filed by Senator Joseph Boncore, which would increase the nursing home direct care add-on and would ensure that the state’s over 60,000 dedicated direct care staff receive critically needed and deserved wage increases;

EMAC Assessment Hardship Waiver Amendment #589  filed by Senator Julian Cyr, would require the Department of Unemployment Assistance to establish an exemption hardship waiver to Employer Medical Assistance Contribution (EMAC) health contribution assessment.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, congratulations and thank you to Newman Enders, Maria Figueroa, and Monique Lopez who participated in the Statehouse Advocacy Day on May 22, 2018 tosupport continued support of increased funding for quality nursing home care.  You show great leadership on behalf of Odd Fellows Home and we are so proud of you!

Thank you to Vincent Nocella & Penny Roy, our residents, whose artistic work was put on display at the State House for the day, we are very proud of you!


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