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IMG_1262      Vinnie is the resident artist at the Odd Fellows Home. He generously donated a number of pieces of his artwork to auction off  at our recent Harvest Moon Auction in order to raise money for the improvement of our facility. The painting that Vinnie donated to the Odd Fellows home to auction off is called Perseus and Pegasus, which is Vinnie’s own interpretation of the greek mythical characters.  He has also donated two modern sketches  –  a school kid and an African woman and several framed photographs of his paintings.

    Vinnie is from Fornia, a small town between Naples and Rome in Italy. His family came to Worcester in 1961 in search of job opportunities and to improve their financial situation. He went to high school at the North High School and took Premed Biology in The College of the Holy cross and even completed 3 years of medical school in the University of Rome before deciding that it was not the right profession for him. He discovered his true passion as a Soccer coach to school and college kids. He coached Soccer for 20 years in Florida. He also ran a small construction company in Tampa after learning the trade from his brother.

Vinnie came to the Odd Fellows Home in 2008 after a serious auto accident which caused him to loose function of his limbs. Vinnie says his greatest inspiration in life are his parents; Vinnie also respects and admires Charles Krauthammer, an American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, political commentator, and physician. Charles Krauthammer completed his medical studies and graduated with his class after being paralyzed from a diving accident. Krauthammer is also one of the most influential political analyst, commentator and columnist in America.

IMG_1263Vinnie draws his artistic inspiration from the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico.  Vinnie is the happiest when he is painting or sketching. He says it is a very therapeutic experience for him and he feels absolutely no pain from the neuropathy in his foot while painting. Vinnie is grateful to Bea Fontaine, the Activities Director at The Odd Fellows Home and the art teacher, Elaine for introducing him to art. He initially started with oil painting on small canvases and has now moved on to explore and experiment with other medium. He also enjoys sketching now. Vinnie loves spending time with his family and going out with them to dinner and the movies. He says his sister and his brother in law have been his strongest pillars of support and have encouraged him throughout. Vinnie recently had his art displayed for the first time in a gallery in Tampa, FL. He has plans to display his artwork on his own website with help from his brother in law.  He also hopes to write a fictionalized account of his life. When he is not painting or sketching, Vinnie likes to read books, he particularly enjoys Shakespeare, philosophy and the classics. He also loves reading poetry by the Italian poet, Dante Alighieri and the modern Spanish, Italian or French literature.

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