Odd Fellows Home is Deficiency Free!

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Odd Fellows Home is proud to announce that we were declared Deficiency Free during the recent Department of Public Health Survey.  The state surveyors look for several indicators of quality care in a nursing facility such as medication management, pain management, medical records, therapy, wound care, food service, recreational activities, etc. They tour the facility to assess the environment, cleanliness and resident safety measures. The residents and family members are interviewed by the surveyors to see if the residents’ needs are met and if they are being treated with dignity. To achieve a deficiency free survey under such stringent conditions is indeed a great achievement.  Congratulations to all the staff for their hard work and team effort.



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2 Responses to “Odd Fellows Home is Deficiency Free!”
  1. Charlie Knight says:

    Great News.
    I was once an Activities Director at a Nursing Home/ retirement facility
    and this designation shows a lot of hard work and coordination.

    I think we need to thank Clarence for his being “on top of things” at the home.

    Again, great news and my thanks and appreciation to all who made it happen.

    It is a great designation and shows what a good place this is for many of our residents to live in.

  2. OFH says:

    Thank you for your kind comments and support.

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